December 3-5, 2017
Nashville, TN

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Customer Contact Week is the largest Customer Contact Event Series. The CCW Executive Exchange is a premium invite-only event built for the most Senior Customer Contact stakeholders in the industry today.

Every Attendee must answer "yes" to the following criteria in order to gain an invitation:

  • My company is Fortune 1000 or a disruptor in our industry
  • I sit in the C-Suite or report directly to the C-Suite
  • I control or directly influence where the Customer Experience budget is spent
  • I manage corporate strategy at the regional, divisional or group level
  • I have an active project needing solutions within the next 0-24 months

If you'd like more info, let us know and we'll get in touch with you.

Event Materials

Investment Report

Once upon a time, it was the "call center". But as time progressed and the customer journey became the centralized focus of organizational success, the once "call center" has now been developed into the customer contact center. Contact Center Executives today know that the contact center may be the only communication their customers have with their brand and because of that, they need to ensure that every customer touchpoint is being developed and no opportunity is being overlooked. 

Our CCW Executive Exchange delegation is coming together to network in a peer to peer environment and discuss their challenges as well as meet with world leading solution providers who have been sourced and brought on specifically to adhere to their active tasks. 

Here, you will find the priority investments for the executives coming this December 3-5, to the Omni Nashville Hotel. Do you offer a cutting-edge solution? Let us know.

Speaker Feature with Ahmed Ayad

Ahmed Ayad is an executive leader and process improvement expert who currently leads the Continuous Improvement & Quality at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. In addition to this, he serves as an Adjunct Professor at Drexel University where he teaches and creates courses focused on Lean Six Sigma and Project Management. With over 15 years of experience, Ahmed has published and presented numerous Customer Service projects that utilize the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Ahmed previously served as the Director of Process Improvement and Project Management at Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

For a copy of the agenda with full speaker sessions email

Airbnb, AIG, & US Bancorp Fund Services

Grace Vaughey, Global Head of CX Training, Airbnb, Christopher Surges, Senior Vice President, Chief Knowledge Officer, US Bancorp Fund Services, & Rob Maar, Global Head of Contact Center Best Practices & Consumer Operations, AIG, sat down with us to talk about some best practices they use in their contact centers that have pioneered the way that CX is perceived and handled from a rep level to an executive level.

If you are interested in their individual speaking sessions, email and we will send you an agenda.  

Past Attendee Profile

Take a look at who attended the CCW Executive Exchange this past August in Chicago.

Special thanks to all of our Guests, Solution Providers, and the Loews Luxury Downtown Hotel in Chicago for creating such an amazing event. For more information on upcoming CCW Executive Exchanges, email

To see what happened in August, download the Post Show Report

The Post Show Report

The CCW Executive Exchange this past August was an amazing experience!

Download the Post Show Report to see:

  • Top Highlights of the Event
  • Top Speaker Quotes
  • On-site Polling Results
  • The most sought after Solution Providers
  • and our Rooftop Cocktail hours!

Meet our Speakers

Hand-selected from today's top industries, the CCW Executive Exchange this December 3-5, in Nashville, has gathered the greatest minds and thought leaders in Contact Center Customer Service to share experiences, best practices, and future ideas and innovations.

Download now to read a little more about our speaker faculty. 

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Current Attendee Profile

The CCW Executive Exchange is a peer-to-peer networking event for senior executives and decision-makers in the customer contact space. Our research team has strategically chosen the most sought and valued topics to make time out the office valuable, insightful, and informative.

By downloading the Current Attendee Profile, you learn about December's top discussions, who you will meet in Nashville, and their investment priorities. 

The unique Exchange format creates an experience you don't want to miss. For more information to request an invitation directly, email 

Exclusive Reports

CCW Digital Executive Report - Customer Experience

You care about the customer experience. But is the experience you’re creating the one your customers actually want? CCW Digital’s Executive Report on the Customer Experience will answer that question. For the first time ever, we surveyed everyday consumers about what they demand when it comes to the customer experience. We then look at how businesses are approaching the customer experience.  Do they know what customers want?  And even if they do, are they able to actually deliver it?

Questions answered in this report include:

  • How many bad experiences will make a customer switch to a competitor?
  • Will customers really pay more for a good experience?
  • What are customers’ Top 5 demands when interacting with a business?
  • What factors prevent businesses from meeting those demands?
  • What are the most common customer complaints?
  • How well do businesses respond to customer feedback?
  • How do customers really feel about calling for customer service?

CCW Digital Special Report - Multilingual Engagement

The answer to all such questions is a resounding “not good.” A multilingual engagement strategy will help you remedy that problem. This special report investigates that endeavor. More importantly, it reveals how to successfully launch a multilingual strategy.
Topics include:

  • Why multilingual engagement matters in today’s market
  • How does the rise of omnichannel impact multilingual strategy?
  • 5 goals of a multilingual strategy
  • A quiz to determine the best multilingual approach for your business
  • 6 solutions for multilingual engagement – and how to optimize them

CCW Digital Special Report Customer Engagement

Engagement is the ultimate “moment of truth” when it comes to the customer experience.  It is how organizations achieve loyalty from customers and separation from competitors.

Citing exclusive research and thought leader commentary, report investigates several dimensions of engagement strategy:

  • 5 facts about today's customers
  • Top 5 customer demands when interacting with a business
  • 3 keys to successful proactive engagement
  • New standards for agent performance
  • Adapt to the customer’s issue and personality
  • Engagement as a data source
  • CCW Digital’s 5-Step Customer Engagement Toolkit

CCW Digital Special Report - Employee Engagement

This special report investigates the crucial customer experience tenet that is employee engagement.

What to expect:

  • How employee engagement can attract the best contact center talent
  • 4 ways to create the “happy agents” that yield “happy customers”
  • Use employee engagement to improve contact center productivity
  • Why employee engagement is the key to understanding customers
  • How to reduce agent attrition in your customer experience team

CCW Digital Special Report - Workforce Management

Employees are the lifeblood of the customer experience strategy. They represent the link between the business and its customers, and their actions before, during and after each interaction define the overall quality of the experience. If an organization wants to cultivate loyal customers instead of creating angry ones, it therefore needs to empower the workforce to perform.

Featuring CCW Digital research, expert analysis and perspectives from world-class executives, this report will help you foster that productive, customer-centric workforce. Topics include:

  • 7 trends affecting workforce management
  • The top 3 priorities for contact center performance
  • The top 3 challenges inhibiting contact center performance
  • 12 ways to elevate workforce management
  • How to improve contact center training
  • How culture impacts workforce management

CCW Digital Special Report - Chatbots

To unlock the true benefits of chatbots, an organization must source, implement and manage the technology correctly. CCW Digital’s Special Report: Chatbots reveals how to successfully adopt and optimize chatbot investments. The report will ensure chatbots are truly elevating your customer experience.
Topics include:

  • 5 goals that matter most when investing in chatbots
  • 5 ways bots can fit into the CX operation
  • 11 ways to tailor bots to your customers, agents and contact center
  • 5 factors that determine whether your bots will succeed or fail

For additional reports published by CCW Digital, email

CCW Digital Special Report - Effortless Experience

Nearly every business views the “effortless customer experience” as a top strategic priority. But what does that really entail? What exactly constitutes “effort” in the eyes of the customer? What causes this effort? And how can it truly be reduced (or eliminated)?

Key topics include:

  • Is effort really important to customers?
  • Why businesses should take “effortless” very seriously?
  • Which KPIs can help measure customer effort?
  • 10 keys to reducing customer effort
  • 9-step checklist for using self-service to reduce effort

CCW Digital Executive Report - CCW Fall

Driven by exclusive research, analyst commentary and real-life case studies, the CCW Fall Executive Report answers those questions – and more.
Here’s what to expect:

  • An exclusive Heat Map revealing whether organizations are really committed to “trends” like effortlessness, personalization, journey-mapping, mobile, social, analytics and more.
  • A ranking of the top customer experience priorities.
  • How budgets are changing for technology, training and outsourcing.
  • What omnichannel really means for customer management leaders.
  • Details on how CX teams plan to leverage artificial intelligence.

Lessonly Report - Rethink the Contact Center, Evaluate Customer Experience

Always valuable, agent training initiatives are particularly crucial right now. With self-service increasingly handling simple transactions, agents will focus more heavily on deep, nuanced, unpredictable interactions with customers. They must develop the requisite skills.
This briefing reveals how to cultivate those skills while also emphasizing business efficiency. You’ll develop agents who are more customer-centric and more productive.
Topics include:

  • Why the value of training goes behind skill development
  • Five mistakes contact centers make when training agents
  • Five ways to elevate your training strategy
  • Case studies: how Vox Mobile and Birchbox improved agent development