December 3-5, 2017
Nashville, TN

Meet the Speakers

Gabriele  Masili
Gabriele Masili
General Manager, Customer Service & Support
Grace  Vaughey
Grace Vaughey
Global Head of CX Training
Cathy  Cox
Cathy Cox
Senior Vice President - Omni Channel Strategy Business Lead
SunTrust Bank
Gregg Fernandes
Gregg Fernandes
Vice President, Customer Care And Logistics
The Washington Post
Rachael  Zaluzec
Rachael Zaluzec
Senior Director, Customer Relations & CRM
Volkswagen Group of America
Ed Ariel
Ed Ariel
Vice President of Customer Service
Christopher  Surges
Christopher Surges
Senior Vice President Operations Group Manager/Chief Knowledge Officer
US Bancorp Fund Services
David  Lovely
David Lovely
Head of Contact Center Operations
Rob Maar
Rob Maar
Global Head of Contact Center Best Practices- Consumer Operations
Ahmed Ayad
Ahmed Ayad
Head of Continuous Improvement & Quality
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina
Alex  Rivera
Alex Rivera
VP, Customer Care and Fulfillment
The Mine (a Lowes Company)