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CCW Digital Special Report - Outsourcing

CCW Digital Special Report - Outsourcing

Should outsourcing have a role in the era of customer centricity?

Given the perception that outsourcing involves sacrificing quality to save money, many would answer a resounding “no.” The customer experience is one business function in which corners cannot be cut.

Others would vehemently dispute that premise. They would argue that outsourcing, when leveraged correctly, can actually be the ticket to a better customer experience.

This report explores that more valuable vision of outsourcing. It reveals the extent to which outsourcing can – and should – fit into a customer-centric contact center. 
Topics include:

  • The mistake organizations make when building their outsourcing strategies
  • 6 trends transforming the customer contact function
  • 6 ways outsourcing can actually increase customer centricity
  • 5 ways to elevate partnerships with contact center vendors
  • Key questions to ask when considering outsourcing
CCW Digital Special Report - Intelligent Customer Contact Workforce

CCW Digital Special Report - Intelligent Customer Contact Workforce

Your agents may be smart. They may have a thorough grasp of your products, scripts, and policies.

But are they “intelligent”? Do they have the insight and capability needed to provide customers with frictionless, personalized experiences when and where they are demanding them?

This report explores that more important form of contact center intelligence. It reveals how to cultivate a team of empowered, agile agents who can meaningfully connect with customers at all touch points. Thanks to that superior form of engagement, you will markedly grow customer loyalty and dramatically outperform your competitors.

Topics include:

  • 4 reasons why “intelligent agents” are the key to a successful contact center
  • Five threats to agent intelligence – and a successful customer experience
  • 4-step blueprint for cultivating intelligence within your contact center
  • Assessment quiz to determine whether your agents are intelligent
CCW Digital Special Report - CX Automation

CCW Digital Special Report - CX Automation

Dear customer contact community: stop sleeping on automation.

That may seem like a confusing recommendation. Virtually no customer experience topic, after all, is commanding more hype (and investment consideration) than automation.

The issue, however, is that many are missing the true value of automation. They are focusing purely on the superficial impact on efficiency and missing out on the more noteworthy benefit of automation: markedly elevating the quality of customer engagement.

This report explores that more substantive, more customer-centric, more meaningful approach to automation.

Key topics include:

  • Four ways automation can meaningfully elevate customer contact
  • How to ensure your automation initiatives are customer-centric, agent-centric and performance-centric
  • Five best practices for unlocking the real value of automation
  • Eight examples of automation done right 
CCW Digital Special Report: The State of Chatbots

CCW Digital Special Report: The State of Chatbots

It is time to change the conversation about chatbots in the contact center.

This special report on the State of Chatbots has the answers. It details a customer-centric blueprint for implementing, measuring and optimizing chatbots. Topics include:

- 5 major chatbot mistakes
- 3 signs of a valuable chatbot
- Ways to align chatbots with customer intentions
- Steps to create “omnichannel” bots
- 3 ways chatbots impact the agent experience
- Keys to creating more “intelligent” bots   

Special Report: Remote Agents

Special Report: Remote Agents

Engaged and empowered agents can be the gateway to an exceptional customer experience. They foster legitimate connections with customers.

Take a look at this special report to learn more about remote agents and remote workforce strategies.